The 34th Chuncheon Puppet Festival
Puppet Festival Chuncheon is the largest performing arts festival in Korea that has represented Chuncheon for more than 30 years since its inception in 1989
Various genres of performances, workshops, and art experience events, including puppet shows, provide abundant entertainment to the audience.
Annual program
[Spring] Cocobau, start!
June 10th (Fri) to 12th (Sun)
*Total of 3 days
Puppet Festival Chuncheon, which starts with a new puppet show this year, will be held
[Summer] Cocobau jump up
August 5th (Fri) to 7th (Sun)
*3 days in total
Puppet Festival Chuncheon for amateurs, including amateur competitions and amateur workshops
[Autumn] Cocobau Theater
August 26th (Fri) to September 4th (Sun)
*Total of 10 days
A large-scale representative Puppet Festival Chuncheon will be held throughout Chuncheon, including parades and invited works
[Winter] Cocobau igloo
December 23rd (Fri) to 25th (Sun)
*Total of 3 days
Puppet Festival Chuncheon will be held to end the year by selecting this year's encore work
[Forever] Cocobau Stage
April to November
*53 days in total
Puppet Theater's Planned Performance
[Forever] Cocobau Playground
April to July
*15 days in total
The mini festival that is held every Saturday